Black Friday weekend, and Cyber Monday, are for sure exciting times around here for not only our loyal fans, new converts, and regular clients - but also our small team! We get the chance to interface with a lot of clients, and supply a lot of fans with shoes that they have been eyeing for a long time! We slash prices, bring in new stock, revive old styles and try to create the most fun shopping environment we can.

Our team is tiny, so we ask that as the shopping gets heated, you keep that in mind (insert those weird vids of Walmart doors opening at 5am in Florida here.)! Below are some quick FAQ style answers to our sale that might help you answer questions if you can't get in touch with us during your personal peak shopping time. If you are like us, you love a white wine in bed, a playlist on blast, and those post-turkey stretch pants on with your favorite hoodie (who am I kidding, I'm in undies by this point, filling up online carts like I cannot be stopped!)


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Product and lifestyle photography kindly donated by the amazing "INTENTIONALLY BLANK". If you like the shoes featured in this store as much as we do, you can buy them over at:

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