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Hyper wearable footwear

The team from “Intentionally _______.” seeks to create hyper wearable footwear, which fit into a myriad of personal style spectrums, while delivering value and commanding just enough attention. With nods to the minimal, vintage inspirations, and touches of visual irony, the brand has garnered a cult following after five impactful years in the market.

Albany in Cream.

Hello Albany, I think I love you. For when you need that pep in your step.

Go big or go home, our favorite platform in a spread of colors. Lace it up, style it as you wish, and create the vibe you want.

Photos: Autumn Jordan

Our latest collection of minimal, apparel

Boots Boots Boots

Market influencers

We believe in delivering value and working hard
to create show-stopping items you just can’t live without.

Ethically sourced

Made in the South of Spain. Our team seeks to create
hyper wearable footwear, using sustainable materials.